This asparagus came out absolutely perfect. It’s lightly seasoned, just enough to enhance the flavor but still let the asparagus really shine. David and I couldn’t get enough of it- I think we’re just lucky it even made it to the dinner plates from the grill pan haha! I made it for a special date night dinner (with lemon grilled salmon & roasted garlic rice, recipes coming!) but there’s so many ways to use this. Oh and yes, you read that right, I only used 1 teaspoon of olive oil for all of this asparagus! The trick is to really be willing to get your hands messy and toss it well!
Here’s just a few of the many amazing things you can do with this!
Eat as is. No joke, probably my favorite way because it’s just that good.
Put on sandwich (optional GF bread) with goat cheese & baby spinach
Toss with pasta (optional GF bread), lemon juice, a little olive oil, & lots of garlic (some shrimp or tofu would be excellent here too!)
Make risotto with white wine & mushrooms, add this in when you add the last segment of liquids and Parmesan cheese to keep the crispness!
On a wrap (optional GF bread) with melty mozzarella, fresh tomato, & basil then press it on the grill for an updated version of a caprese panini
Bonus! I just have to add serving this with a poached egg, toast, & some homemade hollandaise is worth mentioning even if it’s not the healthiest thing because eggs benedict is already amazing but with this grilled asparagus it’s just out of this world!
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